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X-Treme 4 Christ is a non-profit club that was established out of the home of its group leader. It was on the principles of being a blessing to everyone. X-Treme is owned by Michael. He is a leader that God has blessed and told to lead people closer to Christ. X-Treme 4 Christ is NOT a business, instead it is a club that allows everyone to come together as a whole. Our main pillar of this club is uniting everyone into the body of Christ. X-Treme 4 Christ was started on February 3, 2006. It was started as a decision of the owner to serve the Lord more humbly. We will be having online conventions randomly for your enjoyment and we will be having regular conventions at a voted place. Which simply means that the members of the club will vote on a location and the speakers. The best thing about this club is that it is related to all religions, yet it is focused on Baptist, but we do not discriminate. The protocol for signing up is simply just e-mailing Michael a letter to mikejr_4@msn.com stating that you'd like to join the club and thats it....you're done. We will be conducting activities and contests often. We will also conduct normal bible study online for those interested in learning at the comfort of your home.We will also have a missions department in which we will mission the U.S.A. and numerous other foreign countries. We have both salary jobs and volunteer jobs available at the present time.

Letter From The Owner

God has truly been blessing me. He has allowed me to reach out to the majority instead of just hiding the "fire" in my bones. God is going to do some great things with this club and I know that it will succeed in Jesus's name. I pray that this club will allow everyone to just feel free to relax, sit back, and just be yourself. This site is not complete yet, therefore please bear with me and my team and we will be making improvements to the site. I am not a minister, I am simply just a young pioneer of Christ..Hopefully this site can be of benefit to people in their young adult and teen years. I am 16 and I know that I need a good website to rely to and know that I have a backbone of Christians to talk to when the world seems to burden us. I have prayed on this and God told me to continue. I am not in the planning and observing stage.

God Bless You,




Contact us:

Michael- mikejr_4@msn.com

Novar- jesusfreak_012008@yahoo.com

PH: 318-282-8644